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About Digital Art / Student Premium Member Icarus Sköllsun22/Belgium Groups :iconthemonsterhood: TheMonsterhood
Not Human Inside !
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Icarus Skollsun by Icarus-SkollsunMH Character Sheet - Icarus by Icarus-SkollsunMH - Forms Meme - Icarus by Icarus-Skollsun
Gaki Gavroche (Humanized Gnapy Smurf) by Icarus-SkollsunMH Character Sheet - Gaki by Icarus-SkollsunMH - Forms Meme - Gaki by Icarus-Skollsun


♡ OCs - Gifts, Art trades and Commissions ♡

♥ Icarus and Gaki ♥

ATicarus-skollsun by tattiOsalaIkki n Gaki by DjienEborhCommission - Let's Smurf VI by Cid-Fox
Monsterhood: Icarus and Gaki by student-yuutoMonsterhood: Icarus and Gaki as Black Marten by student-yuuto
HarleyIkki n JokerGaki by DjienEborhJoyeux Noel Ikki ! by Oz-Skygarm

Monsterhood: Lupin and Gavroche by student-yuutoDEM: Lupin, Gavroche, and Montparnasse by student-yuuto
Gavroche n Lupin COM by DjienEborh

♥ Icarus Sköllsun [formerly Yazoo]

Icarus by SunsetfrontierRoamPower of music ... by DResroav
Icarus by LadyMelodieIcarus by SapphireLiz
Brennan and Yazoo by BlueHecateIcarus Skollsun by Mewtheed
Chibi Icarus by Saigonka (Commission) by Icarus-SkollsunIcarus the Poochyena by Saigonka (Commission) by Icarus-Skollsun
Super Pin Ups_Ikki as Quicksilver by DjienEborhIkki as RedMist by DjienEborhIcarus Skollsun Pixel by Oz-Skygarm
Icarus by AlcyoneSong
Sleep over party flats by DjienEborhYazoo n Johan -commission- by DjienEborh
(late) Birthday gift for Yazoo by SamoanPrincess555Free sketch Icarus by Maggy-mitchi
Heterochromia by SamoanPrincess555Yazoo Icon by Pussycat-Puppy:iconpervyyazooplz:
Icarus With Headphones (Com) by JackaloopsIcarus (Com) by Jackaloops

♥ Gaki Gavroche ♥

Commission for Ikki by Venii-Officialfairy gaki by tenchibaka
Minkysue by tenchibakaBendingGaki by DjienEborh
Cm: Gaki by irockssocksCommission - Another trainer by Cid-FoxGaki by Jackaloops
Chibi Gaki by Saigonka (Commission) by Icarus-SkollsunGaki by SunsetfrontierRoam
Gaki [quetzalli dragon form] by SevenSpirals[[commission]] lines + shading | Icarus-Skollsun by SevenSpirals
gavroche by tenchibakaMonsterhood: Gavroche Thenardier (Gaki) by student-yuuto
Gaki with Hat (Com) by JackaloopsGaki (Com) by Jackaloops

♥ Mordred Montparnasse ♥

Uncommon Quetzalli [custom design] 01 by SevenSpiralsMordred by LadyMelodie
C: Icarus-Skollsun by faiosYou're Too Slow by MudDogs

♥ Gnapy Smurf ♥

AT with Yuuto by BlueHecateSmurfs-Les Mis by student-yuuto
TS: sick wet cat by BEOGROAOAAAGA
Smurfs: Gnapy and Flying Smurf by student-yuutoSmurfs:Nip the Stars by kiananuva12
Fanny Gnappy by BlueHecateBrennan hug!! by BlueHecatePollum by tenchibaka
art trade for Pussycat-Puppy by salamanderLECommission: Bluehecate 26 by MTC-Studio
Gnappy Smurf Icon by Pussycat-PuppyGnappy Icon for Icarus-Skollsun by Kiss-the-IconistSmurfs:Sleeping Gnapy Icon by kiananuva12:iconpervygnapyplz:


:icongreenskies1: :iconsunsetfrontierroam: :iconjason-bispo: :iconspb95: :iconjacks-rabbit:


Icarus Sköllsun
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Firstname: Icarus
Name: Sköllsun
Nickname: Ikki
Age: 22
Birthday: August 4
Pandem Clan: :iconicarus-skollsun: :iconstella-moonhati: :iconoz-skygarm:

Favorite :
♥ Colors: Pink and Green
♥ Animals: Wolf, Hyena, Deer, Eagle, Marten and Moth
♥ Species of monsters: Big Bad Wolves, The Beast of Gévaudan, Werewolves, The Bandersnatch,
creatures of the Sidhe, Gaki, Boogeymen, Wendigos, Xenomorphes Aliens and Zombies
♥ Gods and Goddesses: Anubis (Egyptian), Apollo and Artemis, Hélios (Greek), Loki (Norse)
♥ Other mythological characters: Icarus, Calaïs and Zetes, Anteros, Castor and Pollux, Acteon, Hyacinth and Cyparissus (Greek), Fenrir, Garm, Sköll and Hati (Norse), Mordred (Arthurian legend)
♥ Angels and Demons: Furfur, Leraje, Marchosias, Volac and Azraël

♥ European comics characters: Calaïs and Zétès (Atalante), The Black Smurfs (The Smurfs), Johan (Johan and Peewit) and Ludovica (Sky Doll)
♥ Cartoon characters: Spirit (Ōban Star-Racers), Riley Freeman (The Boondocks) and Che Chapuza (El Tigre)
♥ Animated film characters: Ronno (Bambi), Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet), J.Worthington Foulfellow and Gideon (Pinocchio), Tai Lung (Kung Fu Panda) and King Kazma (Summer Wars)
♥ Anime characters: Misaki Yata (K-Project), Zaku Abumi and Hidan (Naruto), Fudou Akio (Inazuma Eleven), Makoto Kozuka/ Shonen Bat (Paranoia Agent), Hige (Wolf's Rain), Suruga Kanbaru (Bakemonogatari), Judal (Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic), Manigoldo and El Cid (Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas)
♥ Video game characters: The Hunter (Left 4 Dead), Delsin Rowe and Eugene Sims (InFamous: Second Son), Eliot and Mila (Dead or Alive) and Raiden (Metal Gear)
♥ Other favorite characters: Gavroche (Les Misérables by Victor Hugo), Len Kagamine and VY2/Yūma (Vocaloid), Squad (Walibi), General Glozelle (The Chronicles of Narnia), Evil Ed Lee (Fright Night) and Chris D'Amico/ Red Mist/ The Mother Fucker (Kick-Ass)
♥ Pokemon:





♡ Gavroche ♡

Le petit Gavroche...

"C'était un garçon bruyant, blême, leste, éveillé, goguenard,
à l'air vivace et maladif. Il n'avait pas de gîte, pas de pain, pas de feu, pas d'amour ; mais il était joyeux parce qu'il était libre."

Little Gavroche...

"He was a boisterous, pallid, nimble, wide-awake, jeering, lad, with a vivacious but sickly air. He had no shelter, no bread, no fire, no love; but he was merry because he was free."

(Victor Hugo, Les Misérables)

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

♡ Gavroche by Yuuto ♡
:music: Chili Anime Emoji (Listening to Music) [V2] by Jerikuto
Music -Pink- by RavesAngelGavroche - LA FAUTE A VOLTAIRE Music -Pink- by RavesAngel


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Merci beaucoup beaucoup pour le watch! Ca me fait énormément plaisir!
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Calavera-Garbancera Featured By Owner May 7, 2015  Student General Artist
Je suis tombé par terre, 
C'est la faute à Voltaire
Le nez dans le ruisseau, 
C'est la faute à Rousseau~:music:

Hehe, merci pour le favori :)
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